Family Health Insurance - UK

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  • Quick access to diagnosis avoiding the waiting list.
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Family Health Insurance !

This policy is like a private medical insurance for you and your family. This policy provides peace of mind that you and the children will not have to wait for the treatment if necessary. Children below the age of 18 years of age are accepted, but in case the child is pursuing full time education then they are considered in the cover till 25 years of age. If you are your family is diagnosed with serious conditions and you need immediate treatment, it is possible under this policy and you will also need not deal with the long NHS queues.

Benefits of Health Insurance

  • Quick treatment at your convenient times.
  • Access to top consultants and specialists.
  • Access to private rooms with parental accommodation.
  • Customized covers to include dental cover, hear, physiotherapy and cancer cover.

The family plans cover day patient and inpatient treatment that is, you will be covered for test, treatment and consultation where the hospital bed is necessary either for the day or overnight.