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Private medical insurance

Private medical insurance (also known as health insurance) covers the costs of private medical treatment and reassurance that you’ll get the treatment you need. Health policy includes the costs of surgery, specialists, accommodation and nursing for treatment at a private hospital or in a private ward of an NHS hospital.
You insure your home, your Car, your valuables- So why you are waiting to insure the most important asset of your life- Your Health!

Health Insurance UK

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The best medical care: Once you buy private health insurance means you are assured to get best medical care from high quality hospitals and medical specialist, no waiting lists! 24 hour medical help lines!
Peace of mind: Hospital expenses will be covered if you fall ill, Buy an instant online health assurance if you really want peace of Mind that your medical problems will be diagnosed and treated quickly and effectively!
Comforts and Privacy: In most cases you will have your own en-suite with satellite television in your own room with other home comforts and privacy! Private medical coverage can give you access to treatment in a choice of more than 500 clean and the best comfortable private and NHS hospitals – mostly with en-suite rooms.
Family Health Care Insurance: Family health insurance is most suitable and cheaper than the individual medical health cover . In such plan all member of the family will be covered at low premium, so it is highly beneficial.
Why Choose Private Health Insurance Policy UK?:United Kingdom is one of the several places across the globe that has a universal free of charge health service. So, why would someone choose to get and pay private health insurance policy UK? Well, according to a survey, the main reasons behind it are the fear of superbugs including hospital cleanliness and MRSA, and the desire to get rid of long waiting lists.
A private health insurance policy UK lets you avoid NHS waiting lists and get fast consultations as well as private treatment for curable and short-term medical problems. With this policy, you are treated privately in an NHS hospital or in the private hospital. But, you have to take note that this policy does not cover each medical eventuality. That is why you must always check for the policy details.
Private Health Insurance Policy UK, What Does It Cover?:The standard private health insurance policy UK only covers the essential treatments such as consultations, surgery, hospital and nursing care, yet treatment for incurable conditions and drug addiction is not included. Comprehensive policies provide additional benefits, which ranges from personal accident cover to complementary medicine.
There are actually two kinds of plan and these are moratorium and fully underwritten. The fully underwritten policies need you to disclose the full medical history to determine what will and not be covered. The moratoriums, on the other hand, simply impose the blanket exclusions on the pre-existing conditions going back a set number of years. Usually, the moratoriums are cheaper.